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Benjamin Perry Boathouse

Benjamin Perry was a involved in many areas of the life of the Docks in the second half of the 19th Century, becoming a member of the City Council Docks Committee in 1897. His sons carried on the business after his death in 1902 and used the boathouse, hugely valuable with it's location right on the water edge, up until the 1980s. Since then it has been restored by the Avon Scouts and Guides and has since been used by thousands of people for activities, visits, society meetings, social events and also as a popular filming location.



Benjamin Perry Boathouse
Phoenix Wharf
Lower Guinea Street



How to find Benjamin Perry Boathouse

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It is a 10-minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads and is also accessible by bus and ferry. Public-metered parking is availbale on nearby Lower Guinea Street and Redcliffe Parade.

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